Imagine …

You drive your car on a motorway. A lane leads you to the entrance station of the new means of transportation AUTOSHUTTLE. You enter a transparent cabin available only for you and turn off the engine.

After ca. 1 minute the cabin starts and brings you at constantly 180 km/h to your individually desired motorway exit. You pay the fare during the trip with a credit card. You may change the desired destination whenever you want.

If you request: „take next exit“, you will stop there after ca. 3 minutes at the next AUTOSHUTTLE exit station and leave the cabin through the opened front door. The fare is cheaper than the operational costs of driving the car, i. e. cheaper than fuel, wear and tear.

You may use AUTOSHUTTLE in a public luxury bus as well, e. g. 360 km from Braunschweig to Frankfurt am Main in two and a half hours for 11 Euro. A heavy lorry will be transported at 180 km/h and cheaper than its operational costs as well.

You think this is an interesting offer ?

It is no fantasy, but the result of our detailed analysis. AUTOSHUTTLE is the environment-friendliest of all motorised means of transportation. A private company, building and operating AUTOSHUTTLE obtains profit without the need of subsidises. On optimised co-ordination of the development process, AUTOSHUTTLE can be ready for commercial use in six years.

For a quick overview please read the executive summary. Detailed information you will find in the description and the respective annexes with calculations and data concerning the aspects:

Guidance and Propulsion System
Non-moving Point
Air Resistance
Energy Consumption
Traffic Capacity
Space Consumption

Cost of Driving
Financial Study
Travelling Times
Development Risks
Development Plan
Comparison between Traffic Concepts

Further references on AUTOSHUTTLE contains the list of publications. AUTOSHUTTLE is based on a consequent analysis of requirements for a new transportation system.

AUTOSHUTTLE  is a transportation system of Dr. Andreas Steingröver and Dr. Rasmus Krevet.

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